Modrijans hike

Every summer in the second half of August we take part in Zmaj ma mlade festival and organize Modrijans hike in the cave under the Prdjama castle. There is no participation fee but numbers are limited. Participants must have rubber boots or at least hiking boots and spare socks as we'll make few steps across knee deep water. You also must have a separate set of clothes for the cave. We recommend sweat pant & top and a jumpsuit over that. We'll take care of helmets and lights. The hike usuali takes 3-4 hours and we usually meet on Saturday at three in the afternoon.

History of Modrijans hike

Silvo Modrian (8.12.1926 - 1.07.1963) was one of the founders of caving section in Postojna, a guide in the Postojna cave an technical assistant at IZRK SAZU. He took part in many cave explorations: Habečkov brezen, Jazben, Kačna jama, Slivje on Nikšićko polje, Skakavec in Bosnia, Prekonoška pećina in Serbia. He is listed as first to explore 177 caves. In year 1963 Postojna cavers have started Modrijans hike in his memory. Since then there were many hikes for instance in Postojna cave, Pivka branch of Planinska cave, Cave under the Predjama castle, Škocjan caves, Zelške caves, Markov spodmol, Županov spodmol...
In te year 1987 after a several years pause member of caving club restarted Modrijans hike. This time it was in Magdalena and Otoška cave and Cave under the Predjama castle. Unfortunately tradition didn't last long until we restarted Modrijans hike again on 11th August 2007.



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