Dive in "Vodna jama nad Očesi"

Category: Activities Published: Saturday, 16 June 2018 Written by Matej Blatnik

Cave "Vodna jama nad Očesi" has been left alone for a long time but on Sathurday 16th of July its waters were restless again. What Sebastjan Gantar once explored with Uroš Ilič he now surveyed with Igor Vrhovec. After about 100m long and 30m deep siphon there is a 100m of dry passage that ends with water and rockfall.

The dive took about two hours but we weren't bored - there was an accident in the nearby cave. An Italian tourist broke her leg and part of the team went to the rescue while the rest of us lugged diving equipment in pleasant high noon summer heat.

Participants: Sebastjan Gantar, Igor Vrhovec, Matej Blatnik (all the time in the cave), Marjan Vilhar, Matjaž Milharčič in Franjo Drole (to the rescue)