Cave Paščipalec

Category: Activities Published: Wednesday, 15 May 2013

Time ago we found a new cave in Črmelaška valley. It wasn't big but it was beautiful. On wednesday evening we got together and went to search, measure and take pictures of cave. It was all good until something went wrong. While one of uswas climbing out of cave a rock fell hit Jure's helmet. It wasn't big but unfortunately big enough that helmet somehow injured Jure and he started bleeding. Luckily the wound was superfluous and Jure left the cave by him self with a bandage (and of course a helmet) on his head. We also found a rare pseudoscorpion (slo: paščipalec) and named the cave after it. The cave is 35m deep and 152m long. Participants: Rajko, Sten, Izi, Janez, Jure, Franjo, Aleš in Matjaž.