Exploring Abyss Hudi vršič

Category: Activities Published: Saturday, 20 July 2013

For several years cavers are gradually exploring Abyss Hudi vršič. On january this year they made it -823m deep ad stopped at an abyss with estimated depth of 80-90m. This time we gathered two teams. In first team were Rok, Roberto, Filippo, Andrej and Marko. Their task was to set up a bivouac at -800m with equipment that was partially there and to progress as far as they can. They headed towards Bovec earlier that day. Members of second group were Mitja, Aleš, Peter, Miha, Marjan and Matjaž. Our task was to bring some additional equipment (ropes, sleeping bags..)and pick up where first group left. We were certain that we'll pass the -1000m milestone.
Later that evening we arrived in Bovec where a storm forced us to stay for the night and we couldn't head for the cave until next morning. We met members of first team -600m deep. Roberto told us that they made it to a syphon at -896m and that there are few possible continuations that would need climbing and that the boring machine malfunctioned. So we brought equipment to the bivouac at -800m and went out next morning. We'll be back as soon as the bruises fade and we forget how much "joy" we had in narrow squeezes.