Pothole on Nanos

Category: Activities Published: Saturday, 02 August 2014

While reviewing satellite imagery of Nanos Jure found an interesting clear spot in forest. It turned out that it is a larger pothole with a few crevices around the edge and cold air blowing out of them. The pothole was one of those types that results from cave ceiling collapse which makes the drafts from crevices very promising. Even more so because the pothole is at altitude of 1100m.
Next day Jure, Matjan and Matjaž took our caving equipment and other tools to Nanos.


Next saturday (9.8.2014) Miran, Tobia Aljaž, Marjan and Matjaž went again to pothole on Nanos made it a little deeper in the cave where we were stopped by a rockfall. We'll have to dig some more because the draft is still there.