Expedition to Albania 2014

Category: Activities Published: Saturday, 06 September 2014

This year members of DZRJ Luka Čeč went again on expedition to north of Albania in cave Shpela e Zeze. A year before (summer 2013) they progressed about 500 deeper in the cave. The cave is going up and has become so demanding that one day trips are no longer an option. A bivouac has to be set up. The cave is second longest in Albania and this year we hoped to to make it the longest.
The road to Albania and hike to the cave was as we were used from previous years but after first night in the mountains clouds started gathering and by the evening we had first storm. Since the water pours out of the cave after sufficient rain we had every reason not to venture too deep in the cave.

All in all we went in the cave only twice. First time we widened a passage that we found two years ago. We made it through and found about 100m of narrow cave. Second time we left some equipment for bivouac.
Italian team was exploring in fossil part of the cave that is also near the entrance. They found about 100m of new galleries.
Due to bad weather we left the camp a week to early with an agreement that next year we'll come earlier.
Participants this year were: Rok Stopar (JD Dimnice Koper), Milan Podpečan (JK Speleos-Siga Velenje), Robert Rehar (JD Danilo Remšakr Ajdoščina), Marjan Vilhar, Matjaž Milharčič (oba DZRJ Luka Čeč), Louis Torelli, Dario Riavini, Igor Ardetti, L. Comello (all CGEB), Vicky Franchini (GGB), Tanja Polegek, Doroteja Podpečan.