Caving course

Category: Activities Published: Saturday, 22 November 2014

Some time ago we organised a course for members of KŠOPP. Despite the scarce participation we keept the course going and we now have one new caver in our midst. The course was well recieved even amongst the less active members that need to renew their knowledge of cavin techniques.

Expedition to Albania 2014

Category: Activities Published: Saturday, 06 September 2014

This year members of DZRJ Luka Čeč went again on expedition to north of Albania in cave Shpela e Zeze. A year before (summer 2013) they progressed about 500 deeper in the cave. The cave is going up and has become so demanding that one day trips are no longer an option. A bivouac has to be set up. The cave is second longest in Albania and this year we hoped to to make it the longest.
The road to Albania and hike to the cave was as we were used from previous years but after first night in the mountains clouds started gathering and by the evening we had first storm. Since the water pours out of the cave after sufficient rain we had every reason not to venture too deep in the cave.

Pothole on Nanos

Category: Activities Published: Saturday, 02 August 2014

While reviewing satellite imagery of Nanos Jure found an interesting clear spot in forest. It turned out that it is a larger pothole with a few crevices around the edge and cold air blowing out of them. The pothole was one of those types that results from cave ceiling collapse which makes the drafts from crevices very promising. Even more so because the pothole is at altitude of 1100m.
Next day Jure, Matjan and Matjaž took our caving equipment and other tools to Nanos.

Hike through Bojanova cave to Predjama

Category: Activities Published: Saturday, 07 June 2014

This year we organized hike and picnic for fifth anniversary since we found connection between Bojanova cave and Predjama cave system. Due to sleet aour usual place was inaccessible and we had to move to Predjama. A good number of cave enthusiast attended. Some of us went to the Eastern branch of Predjama cave system while the other group went to Bojanova cave which leads to Predjama cave system. Oddly enough we both arrived to Black hall at the same time and went together out of the cave. After four hours of caving we were anxious to get our hands on beer and čevapi.

Night shift on Ravnik

Category: Activities Published: Wednesday, 02 April 2014

Sleet left countless branches on the ground that made access to caves very hard. Luckily there are still caves and squeezes to be explored near the roads like the abyss and a passage on Ravnik that we went to explore on wednesday. Not only were they next to the road, they were next to each other as well.

Exploring Abyss Hudi vršič

Category: Activities Published: Saturday, 20 July 2013

For several years cavers are gradually exploring Abyss Hudi vršič. On january this year they made it -823m deep ad stopped at an abyss with estimated depth of 80-90m. This time we gathered two teams. In first team were Rok, Roberto, Filippo, Andrej and Marko. Their task was to set up a bivouac at -800m with equipment that was partially there and to progress as far as they can. They headed towards Bovec earlier that day. Members of second group were Mitja, Aleš, Peter, Miha, Marjan and Matjaž. Our task was to bring some additional equipment (ropes, sleeping bags..)and pick up where first group left. We were certain that we'll pass the -1000m milestone. read more

(through Bojanova cave) to Predjama 2013

Category: Activities Published: Saturday, 08 June 2013

Four years have passed since we discovered connection of Bojanova cave and Predjama cave system. As every year since then we've we wanted to have a picnic and a trip through Bojanova cave to Predjama cave system. A few days before we wanted to make sure the cave is properly rigged and to our big surprise found out that the sinister siphon is after four years full again which made the connection impassable. The trip was consequently moved to a west branch (Zahodni rov) of Predjama cave system what turned out well because it was new to the guests and just as interesting.

Cave Paščipalec

Category: Activities Published: Wednesday, 15 May 2013

Time ago we found a new cave in Črmelaška valley. It wasn't big but it was beautiful. On wednesday evening we got together and went to search, measure and take pictures of cave. It was all good until something went wrong. While one of us was climbing out of cave a rock fell hit Jure's helmet. It wasn't big but unfortunately big enough that helmet somehow injured Jure and he started bleeding. Luckily the wound was superfluous and Jure left the cave by him self with a bandage (and of course a helmet) on his head. We also found a rare pseudo-scorpion (slo: paščipalec) and named the cave after it. The cave is 35m deep and 152m long. Participants: Rajko, Sten, Izi, Janez, Jure, Franjo, Aleš in Matjaž.